The summit of the Diasporas, local meetings continue, ahead of the November event

After the summer break, meetings at the local level have been resumed in preparation for the National Diaspora Summit to be held in Rome in November. The aim of the initiative can be summed up in three questions:

Would you like to participate in defining the guidelines for Italian cooperation policy towards migrants' countries of origin? Would you like to participate in Italian cooperation and its programmes and projects by bringing your ideas and suggestions? Would you like to have a say on the eligibility criteria of civil society associations and to facilitate the participation of associations representing foreign communities in Italian cooperation?

The invitation to participate in this innovative programme is addressed to all the migrant associations who are ready to answer "yes" to these questions.

The National Diaspora Summit will be an opportunity for migrant associations to meet directly with the Italian Agency for Development Cooperation and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation. The Summit Manifesto is the document that describes the initiative and defines its goals.

In the run up to the Summit, preparatory meetings are being held at the local level to discuss the challenges and opportunities for access by migrant associations to cooperation policies and financing. The programme for these meetings includes the presentation of Italian Law 125/2014, governing Italian Cooperation, and the development of contents in thematic groups addressing the eligibility criteria for AICS calls for proposals, the types of calls, best practices and the specific skills that diaspora communities can bring to Italian Cooperation. To guide the working groups in their reflections, a discussion paper has been prepared which provides pointers for the contents to be presented at the Summit.