Jordan – Fashion cluster starts up in Amman in the framework of the CCI initiative

Amman - The development of Clusters in the Cultural and Creative Industries in the southern Mediterranean (CCI) project, funded by the European Union and the Italian Agency for Development Cooperation in Jordan, Lebanon, Palestine, Egypt, Tunisia, Algeria and Morocco has cultivated the Amman Fashion Cluster in Jordan, the first creative cluster in the textile sector there.

The CCI project is being implemented by the United Nations Industrial Development Organisation (UNIDO).

The cluster, launched in 2015 end to support small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in the local market in need of higher productivity, offers companies technical assistance, helping them produce high quality textile products, making use of the unique Jordanian knowhow and in getting access to new markets, both locally and internationally, said Sulafa Mdanat, UNIDO country representative.

Italian and EU officials recently participated in a field visit to the Garment Design and Training Services Centre and the Noorway Factory in Jordan, according to a report on a Jordanian newspaper.

The officials were briefed on ‘JO!’, the first ever industrial-based Jordanian fashion collection launched through the CCI project. Designed by a team of Jordanian women with the guidance of an Italian designer, the collection involves local suppliers fulfilling the whole supply chain requirements, according to Mdanat.

JO! by Creative Jordan offers a modern reinterpretation of the bedouin traditional clothing, aimed at reviving the unique “diamond” Jordanian embroidery stitch which gradually disappeared throughout the years.

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