A success for the new Aics Calls

Over 50 innovative ideas for the Profit Call and 70 proposals from Regions and Municipalities

Italy is back on track, and the same goes for cooperation.  Actually, the activities of the Italian Agency for Cooperation never stopped; however, since the beginning of the Covid crisis, it was inevitable to slow down and to postpone the deadlines and start dates of the new calls for development projects.

There was the risk that the emergency, with all its related problems, would have made it hard for companies, Regional bodies and Municipalities to take advantage of the international development opportunities and promote their ideas on cooperation and inclusive, sustainable business.

However, results confirmed not only that there is a strong desire to start again, but also that our cooperation system has a clear international profile, also thanks to the great job done by the Agency in the last few years.

54 initiatives were proposed for the “Profit and innovative ideas call”, for which 5 million euros were allocated: the call ended few days ago and, compared to the previous years, responses were four times higher than the first original experiment.

Despite the obstacles represented by the Covid-19 pandemic and economic crisis, companies are accepting the challenge to develop innovative, sustainable and inclusive ideas and entrepreneurial models in the Countries partnering with the Italian cooperation system - coherently with the scope of the 2030 Agenda.

This is definitely a motivation to strengthen the importance of the private sector for the cooperation and partnership system involving other Italian and local entities (civil society organisations, Universities, local Authorities).

The call dedicated to the territorial cooperation received a great response as well: 70 proposals were submitted by the various Regions and Municipalities, well distributed throughout the national territory and characterised by very different dimensions or population.

Also in this case, the partnership with the territorial cooperation is slowly returning to its intended role and the Agency is planning - in addition to the Call, which is still receiving positive feedback - new forms of involvement and structured partnership that will strengthen the contribution and the participation of the territories to the Italian Cooperation System.