More than one thousand youths started working thanks to the PLASEPRI/PASPED programme

In the context of the PLASEPRI/PASPED programme, AICS, Dakar office, started cooperating with the Regional Development Agencies (ARD) of the six regions within the programme framework (Dakar, Diourbel, Kaolack, Louga, Saint Louis, Thiès), through partnership agreements aimed at promoting youth integration into the world of work with internship contracts.

This cooperation will allow to deepen our knowledge on the private sector and the real employment opportunities in the programme’s areas of intervention, facilitating the dialogue with companies in order to employ 1,200 youths, for 12 months, within the end of 2020.

Training activities on different thematic modules connected to the programme have been organised during May and June and dedicated to the ARD staff. The next activities will revolve around the study and analysis of the regional private sector, the analysis of the needs in terms of qualified competences of the companies interested in hiring the trained youths, as well as the selection of the young participants which will sign an internship contract with the companies. A real opportunity for trained young people and companies to finally make the need for qualified competences meet the Country’s finest resources.

From the official employment standpoint, the reality of the regions in which the PASPED operates is still today critical. With this in mind, AICS Dakar tries to promote a multi-stakeholder approach, able to keep together institutions, private sector and Senegal youth’s qualified competences. In this perspective, the entry in Senegal’s private sector of 1,200 young people is a first step towards the real promotion of the local competences and the strengthening of the local entrepreneurial sector, which still struggles to properly promote all those young Senegalese people who completed qualifying training courses.

Programme to combat irregular migration through the private sector support (PLASEPRI II)

Aim: The programme aims at consolidating and capitalising on the results obtained in the context of the “Support Platform for the Private Sector and the Promotion of the Senegalese Diaspora in Italy (PLASEPRI)” bilateral programme, in order to create more instruments to favour the employment of the youths coming from areas in Senegal characterised by high migration flows, and to reduce the causes leading to irregular migration. The specific goal is to create employment for young people and women, as well as the promotion of the economic resources of investors involved in the Senegalese diaspora in Italy, through the establishment of credit lines for financing micro, small and medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs).

Programme to combat illegal migration through the private sector support and the creation of employment opportunities in Senegal (PASPED)

The programme aims at reducing the irregular migration, encouraging the investment of the Senegalese diaspora in Europe, and more specifically in Italy, through the creation of employment opportunities in areas of migrations, strengthening the MSME entrepreneurial environment.