Nigeria: “En route”, an ethical approach to migration through photojournalism


"A picture is worth a thousand words". If it respects the ethics of photojournalism, even more so. A photo exhibition entitled "En route" was inaugurated in Abuja on 18 May. It presents the work of ten young and talented Nigerian photographers on the personal stories of regular and irregular migrants residing, in transit or returning to Nigeria.

"This exhibition is the result of an experimental work that seeks to give a broader perspective on migration issues, highlighting the struggles and successes of individual migrants, through an ethical approach to photography and the way migrants are represented,"

says Osaze Efe, Creative Director of the Art for Humanity Foundation, an NGO committed to supporting marginalized communities in Nigeria.

The exhibition is the result of a training workshop for young Nigerian photographers organized by the Art for Humanity Foundation, with the support of the UNESCO Regional Office in Abuja. This initiative is part of the project "Empowering Young People in Africa through Media and Communication", implemented by UNESCO in eight West and Central African countries, with the financial support from the Italian Agency of Development Cooperation (AICS), through the "Fondo Africa" of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation (MAECI) of the Republic of Italy. The “Fondo Africa” was established in 2016 to support extraordinary interventions aimed at reviving the dialogue and the cooperation with African countries of priority importance for migration routes.

Download:  "En route" a group photo exibition on ethical representation of migration stories by young Nigerian Photojournalists