partnership for knowledge • platform 4 – cultural heritage and sustainable tourism

Platform # 4 aims at building value around cultural heritage and sustainable tourism as engines for sustainable development. The academic offer in this field trains experts in the conservation of cultural heritage, as well as it provides graduates with the competences required to fill highly qualified roles of responsibility in tourist destinations and tourism companies, tour operators, travel agencies, hospitality, tourist attractions and events organization firms, nationally and internationally.

Applicants may also choose to become spatial planners who are able to solve complex problems related to the current situation and the future of our cities and territories: environmental sustainability, social inclusion, climate change, energy efficiency, mobility, land take reduction, landscape and heritage preservation.

platform members

The University of Roma “Sapienza” leads the platform in close partnership with the University of Bologna, the University of Firenze, the University of Roma “Tre”, the University of Napoli “Orientale”, the University of Pisa, the University of Torino, Polytechnic University of Torino, the University of Cagliari. The University of Milano, Polytechnic University of Milano and University of Salerno also support this platform.

eligible countries

Citizens of Cuba, El Salvador, Egypt, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Jordan, Lebanon,  Myanmar, Sudan, Pakistan and Tunisia - who are resident in their home countries - are eligible for the scholarships.

MSc programme

Thank you for the interest shown in the PfK MSc program, we are sorry to inform you that the call is now closed. Please check this page for updates on the selection process.

PhD programme

The scientific board concluded the assessment of applications. Within August 31, selected candidates will be individually contacted for formal acceptance of the scholarship. The list of PhD-Pfk fellows are now published on the homepage.

According to the Qualifications Framework for the European Higher Education Area and the Italian higher education system, PFK PhD programme awards a PhD Degree.

Academic activities will last 36 months, from October 2019 to October 2022.

PFK PhD programme 2019-2022 provides a total of 6 scholarships for students coming from the above mentioned eligible countries. The scholarship covers international travel expenses (1 return ticket from/to home country), health insurance, university fees and VISA related costs. PhD fellows will receive a monthly allowance for living expenses.

Candidates can apply only to one PhD program.

step 1 - application

1.Explore the academic offer, choose the most suitable PhD program

Courses available

University of Roma 3 – PhD in Architecture: innovation and heritage

University of Napoli “Orientale” - PhD in Asia, Africa and Mediterranean

University of Pisa – PhD in History-Egyptology

University of Torino - PhD in Archelogy, history and art history

2. Submit the required documents to

Required documents:

- CV

- Passport scan

- University transcript

- Language certificate (English level B2)

- Research project

- Employer’s authorization to attend the PhD (only if you are currently employed)

- Two reference letters (optional)

- Incomplete applications will be rejected. Candidates can apply exclusively to one PhD programme.

step 2 - notification

Inform the Agency of your application by filling the notification form.

Applications submitted to , which are not matched by the AICS notification form, will not be considered.

notification form.