Meridiano Zero – Documentary filmmaking meets people and places of the Italian Cooperation

At the distance of 11° 15' east of the Greenwich meridian runs the prime meridian of Peters' map, the projection of the globe which represents the dimensions of each country in direct proportion to their area. This meridian – the longitudinal axis of a map that fairly reflects the actual size of all countries – runs exactly through the city of Florence, which is why it is also called "Florence Meridian".

Peters' map is highly original in the way that it offers a vision of the world which differs from the one we are used to: necessarily imperfect, but accurate in highlighting aspects that are missing in conventional maps, and in paying particular attention to the relevance of places and peoples situated in the tropical zone.

Inspired by a similar search for different and possible points of view, the Italian Agency for Development Cooperation and the Florence Festival of Peoples (FDP – are proud to present “meridiano ZERO”, a film gallery dedicated to countries and peoples the Italian Cooperation is connected to. The gallery be presented during the 58th edition of the Festival dei Popoli, in Florence, from 10 to 17 October 2017.

This initiative is part of a process conceived by the Agency for involving the civil society and drawing the public attention to the first National Conference on development cooperation, scheduled in the Spring 2018.

The programme of the "meridiano Zero" gallery will be built on a selection of videos which will be chosen via a public invitation, according to the following directions.

submission guidelines

  1. AICS and FDP are the promoters of a selection of documentary films called “meridiano ZERO”, which will be focused on the priority countries of the Italian Cooperation, and on three key issues.
  2. Submissions for the selection process will be open to films shot in one or more of the 22 priority countries of the Italian Cooperation for 2016-2018:
    - Sub Saharan Africa: Burkina Faso, Ethiopia, Kenya, Mozambique, Niger, Senegal, Somalia, Sudan, South Sudan;
    - Mediterranean: Egypt, Tunisia;
    - Middle East: Jordan, Lebanon, Palestine;
    - Balkans: Albania, Bosnia;
    - Latin American and Caribbean: Bolivia, Cuba, El Salvador;
    - Asia: Afghanistan, Myanmar, Pakistan.
  3. The subject of the documentary must focus on one of the following key issues:
    - Food security;
    - Migration;
    - Culture, cultural heritage, creative industries, sustainable tourism.
  4. Documentaries produced after 1 January 2012 will be accepted.
  5. the selection is open to authors and producers af any nationality.
  6. If the films are not in the Italian language, they must have subtitles in Italian and/or English.
  7. There are no maximum or minimum limits for the film duration. No particular technical requirements are necessary. Selected films will be requested to provide a copy in high resolution.
  8. Documentary films must be submitted no later than 20 August 2017 by filling online the application form.
    The form must be filled in by the author of the film, or by a participant who is entitled to do so, such as someone delegated by the author, a producer or a commissioning body. If the author is different from the participant who submits the application form, proof of the author’s consent will be requested.
    The online application form requires a link to the video, eventually protected by password, which is the only way of submitting a film.
  9. Participation is free of charge.
  10. The selection of the documentaries to be shown at the festival will be carried out by a joint FDP - AICS commission, whose decision is incontestable and final. The selection results will be notified to participants by the end of September 2017.
  11. The screening of selected films will take place on-site at the Festival dei Popoli and at the Florence office of the Italian Agency for Development Cooperation on 10-17 October 2017, according to a schedule that will be notified by the organizers. The presence of authors will be welcome, although reimbursement of the costs involved in attendance cannot be guaranteed.
  12. All submitted films submitted will become part of an archive which AICS will be able to use for communications connected with its institutional activities, as agreed when filling out the request for participation. Authors will be informed before the use of their materials.
  13. All authors selected to take part in the Festival will be invited by the Agency to present a project for a new video documentary about AICS priority countries and issues. If the participant is different from the author, the project invitation will be sent to the author. The project proposal considered as the most significant and effective in terms of the priority issues for the Agency will receive a contribution to production up to 5,000 euros. The new documentary should be produced in 2018.
  14. Requests of further clarifications or information can be sent to

Meridiano Zero – Documentary filmmaking meets people and places of the Italian Cooperation

Application Form (ITA)