The Agency is the operative platform of the Italian cooperation system, and it is called to perform activities associated with the elaboration, development, financing, management and control of international cooperation initiatives. The Agency seeks to participate in the global debate on development issues, and to act as a major player in the pursuit of the SDGs. Welcome!

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  civil society organizations

Civil Society Organizations are crucial players in the challenge of sustainable development, worldwide.
As of 2018 there are 226 Italian CSOs registered with the Agency.

Registered CSOs may apply to calls for proposals issued by the Agency headquarters or by its field offices operating in 20 countries.

  calls for proposals

The Agency regularly issues a number of calls for proposals targeting CSOs and other no-profit organisations of the civil society, but also companies of the private sector, who are encouraged to participate in development cooperation initiatives, in compliance with the principles of transparency, competition and social responsibility.

Full details about the initiatives in progress in 2018 are available in the Italian website.

Interview with VM Emanuela Del Re

• “The solution? The solution is cooperation. Especially in Africa. Our goal is called shared development: something that benefits everyone.” These are the words of Emanuela Del Re, Italy’s Deputy Minister for Foreign Affairs with responsibility for International Cooperation. Her reflections clearly reveal her first-hand experience, made up not only of academic studies and teaching, but also of personal involvement in the field and in areas of conflict.

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  AICS field offices

Based in Rome, the Agency runs a territorial office in Florence and a network of 20 field offices for managing development initiatives in partner countries worldwide.