Acting Director

• Leonardo Carmenati

Deputy Technical Director

• Leonardo Carmenati

Office 3

and Economic development
• ad interim: Emilio Ciarlo

Office 4

Human Development
• ad interim: Leone Gianturco

Ufficio 5

and Use of territory

Ufficio 6

Rural development
and Food security
• Pietro Pipi

Office 7

Emergency and Fragile states
referent: Andrea Senatori

Office 8

Public-private partnerships,
Civil society organizations,
Decentralized cooperation
and Innovation
• Grazia Sgarra

Office 1

and General Affairs
• Leone Gianturco

Office 2

Institutional relations
and Communication
• Emilio Ciarlo

Deputy Administrative Director


Office 9

Legal affairs

Office 10

Financial resources,
Budget and Accounting

Office 11

Human resources
• ad interim: Pietro Pipi

Office 12

Procurement and IT resources
• Marina Damaggio

Office 13

Logistics and Maintenance
• ad interim: Marina Damaggio

AICS organization chart
January 2020